White Collar Crimes

Perhaps you’re reading this in disbelief that you’re even searching for a criminal defense attorney. After all, you’re likely an upstanding member of society with a respectable career. You haven’t been robbing convenience stores or selling drugs on the street — you probably just made a few mistakes that went too far. 

Our society is driven by money, and it’s easy to get caught up in the desire to make a little extra in whatever way we can. But even fudging the numbers a bit on your corporate expense report can land you in a world of trouble. In criminal defense, we call such financially motivated infractions “white collar crimes,” as they are often committed by high-status professionals and government officials. Some examples of white collar crimes you’ve likely heard of include fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering. These are serious crimes that require the representation of an experienced attorney, but even minor white collar crimes can be punished harshly. Let me explain why.

Judges Often Have Little Sympathy for White Collar Criminals 

The courtroom may pity the disadvantaged inner city boy who is pressured to take part in a robbery after getting caught up in the wrong crowd, or the single mother who steals to feed her children. Don’t expect the same kind of understanding if you’re, say, a well-educated investment banker who drives a Mercedes. When you’re in a higher income bracket, it’s difficult for others to comprehend why you have dishonestly taken more than you’ve earned. You may be labeled “greedy” or “shameful,” and you’re apt to have the book thrown at you. 

Your Reputation Is Under Fire

Defend It

Most White Collar Crimes are Federal Offenses 

Because most white collar crimes are prosecuted at the federal level, their punishments come with longer sentences in harsher prisons. In federal prison, there is no opportunity for parole, and probation is much stricter than it is at the state level. You may also pay a hefty amount in fines.

Financial Losses Increase Fines

While many federal offenses carry high-dollar fines, those associated with the loss of money to one or more parties are even more costly. The penalty is intended to pay back those who have been wronged, and thus, you can anticipate being fined much more for a financially driven crime than you would for another type of offense. 

Where Do You Go from Here?

I share this information not to scare you or destroy your hope, but to illustrate the consequences you may face if you do not secure proper representation for your case. If you’re being charged with fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, or another white collar crime, let’s sit down and discuss your situation together. From there, I will explain what your next steps should be and how we can collectively work to lower or drop your charges entirely.

White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney in Austin, Texas

Do not feel disgraced. Although there are certain stereotypes associated with criminal activity, crime occurs within all pockets of society. Regardless of what has happened, I will strive to protect you and uphold your rights. I understand there’s a chance you may not be guilty at all, and even if you did participate in wrongdoing, there is likely more to the story than what initially meets the eye. Contact my office today so we can analyze the full picture.