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John S. Butler

Attorney at Law

I decided to become an attorney after spending 15 years as a programmer, with the intent to provide legal counsel to software companies. However, I ended up discovering my true passion through a criminal defense course. To me, nothing can top the excitement of the courtroom or the ability to protect someone’s rights and freedom.

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what parents should know about campus crimes

Study Abroad Opportunities

As a convicted criminal, your son or daughter may not qualify for a visa. Though this can have many consequences, the most immediate is likely that they will be ineligible for study abroad programs across the globe. Aim to prevent such valuable experiences from being taken away from your child by hiring an experienced defense attorney.

student loan eligibility

Student loan lenders evaluate the criminal records of their applicants, and a single criminal conviction could prevent your son or daughter from receiving financial aid for the remainder of their college career. Let me fight to protect their record. 

Job & Internship Offers

Something that may affect your son or daughter long past their time in school is the inability to build a satisfying career. Because most employers run background checks prior to making offers, your child may not be able to pursue their ideal profession. Strive to safegaurd their future by securing quality legal represetation. 

“there’s a common misconception that the police never lie, but i’ve seen otherwise firsthand.”

Part of being an attorney is analyzing how the police investigate cases. I see this as a public service to the community at large. After all, no one else checks up on the police. While law enforcement officials are usually honest and thorough in their work, I occasionally find that their reports are biased or completely inaccurate. 

Most of society takes the police at face value, seeing them as an entity in place for our protection. What they fail to realize is that police officers are human, too. Many make honest mistakes. Others are simply cruel and deceptive people. Consider partnering with me if you have been a victim of such mistreatment. I seek to enforce justice. 

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how working alongside psychologists and dna analysts can strengthen a case

When I represent a client, I stick to what I know best. For expertise outside of my area of practice, I consult other professionals. These experts vary depending upon the type of case at hand, but two that are often utilized in criminal defense are psychologists and DNA analysts. 

Utilizing Behavioral Science in Criminal Defense

Psychologists are asked to research cases and share their findings in court for a variety of reasons. While you may have heard that psychological evaluations are often given to defendants, you should know that they can also be administered to alleged victims to help prove their claims are unfounded. Furthermore, psychologists are almost always asked to testify in cases involving children, as kids sometimes behave in ways the average adult does not understand.

Disproving a Claim with Hard Evidence 

Though DNA is commonly used to convict a suspect, DNA tests are not always accurate. In order to ensure that the examination is performed correctly, I lean on experienced DNA analysts to provide the confirmation and clarity needed, sometimes showing that the defendant in question is innocent after all. 

Resourcefully Defending Your Case

Beyond psychologists and DNA analysts, there are various other types of professionals that can be called to testify in a criminal case. Which professionals I contact will depend on your unique situation, but please know that regardless of the position you are in, I will pull out all the stops to uphold your rights and preserve your liberty.